Test your crop management options using your likely crop performance and potential impact of constraints. Provides gross margin and return on investment outputs to guide your decisions. Economic model developed by Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Compare crop management options


Test and compare likely net income, best option and return on investment outcomes for management options.


NOTE: This tool can be used for any crop, as yield, price, and constraint are adjustable

Economic Videos

Economic Videos Episode 1 - Risk

Episode 1 - Risk This is Steve. He’s a broadacre wheat farmer with a dream: to see a snow leopard! But he’ll have to up his profits significantly next season if he’s going to make it to the Himalayas. He reckons it might be worthwhile taking a chance on canola.

Wheat’s fairly dependable, but canola’s hard to predict. With canola, both profits and losses can be far bigger than with wheat. Steve’s got a paddock ready for sowing and he’s got to decide which crop to plant. So Steve decides to discuss it with his trusted advisor.

Economic Videos Episode 2 - Sunk Cost

Episode 2 - Sunk Cost This is Pete. He’s a broadacre wheat farmer with a dream: to cruise the Pacific Ocean. It looks like Pete’s going to have a pretty good harvest this season. But grain prices are low. So low, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be able to afford that cruise.

Pete reckons prices might improve in the future. He decides to purchase grain storage and pays a $20k deposit.

Economic Videos Episode 3 - Diminishing Marginal Returns

Episode 3 - Diminishing Marginal Returns This is George. George is a broadacre wheat farmer with a dream: to buy a helicopter! But that dream depends on getting the most out of this season’s crop, so George is considering how much fertiliser to use.

Economic Videos Episode 4 - Opportunity Cost

Episode 4 - Opportunity Cost This is Gary. He’s a broadacre wheat farmer with a dream: to see the Kiss farewell tour!

Gary’s business is booming, and he’s ambitious about expanding his operation. He’s been contracting out his harvesting each season. But this year he’s hoping to save on that cost. He loves his boom spray and he’s been approved for a bank loan so he’s going to purchase his own harvester.